I'm afraid you'll have to pay for your membership upfront.

Please note that there is a fee to join our site because we have fixed costs for running the website, such as creating and maintaining the training materials, giving assistance and supplementary training to members, keeping contacts with employers, designing software tools for members to utilize. 

We also filter out time wasters and have more jobs to offer our serious members by charging a joining fee.

Also, we are unable to collect the charge from your earnings since we do not hire you directly; instead, we deal with employers who do.

Please understand that the cost you pay covers all of the training and resources you'll need to perform the jobs, as well as access to our job database and support from our team.

We are sorry to inform you that you cannot join our site at this time if you are unable to pay the joining fee in full.

If there‚Äôs anything else that we can help you with, do let us know.